MOTHER IS PASSING.COME AT ONCE is made up of 6 video projections and sound tracks, 12 large photo collages, and 10 moving curtains that circumnavigate the gallery on a specially built track. The installation rearranges the essential elements of cinema: picture, sound and motion. The pictures - giant collages - are still images; the curtains provide the motion for this “motion picture”. The projections lighting the piece, are made up of shadows, filmed with a customized camera. The sound track providing a narrative for this dissected piece of expanded cinema is made up of found letters and fictional responses.

By confronting the privacy and inventing a lineage for the photos and letters, the small discarded world they've been consigned to is dismantled and they are given a voice. The title of the exhibition comes from a found telegram. Concise in its prose, urgent in its delivery, and detached from its origins, the telegram, like the anonymous photographs, teases at a narrative.